Curiosity has always been the best incentive for inventions.

The central business of our enterprise iis  based on long years of experience, technical know-how and our will to search for and apply new technologies of product processing. The beneficiaries of our most complete machine concepts are cheese processing enterprises, meat and sausage producers as weil as customers world-wide who make the highest demands on vacuurn packaging technology. Moreover, our machines comply with ail quality standards required by ourcustomers.


Hajek Portioning

Our product range includes cutting, dividing and cleaning machines as well as shredding machines for most different types of cheeses. Among their many advantages, our cheese processing machinesare known for their simple operation and Cleanability aswell as custom­ specific solutions for our cheese processing machines. >>>>


Hajek Packaging

Our versatile packaging machines, Thermoforming and reliable and precise heat-sealing using a variety of different packaging materials. Hajek packaging machines are reliable, easy to maintain, and hygienic in design. Hajek guarantees machines of high efficiency and excellent long shelf-life of the packaged product. >>>>


Available for immediate delivery

Cheese Cleaning Machine
BMR 1200 >>>>

Cheese Cutting Machine
KMS 450 >>>>

Thermoforming machine for
flexible film VS30 420  >>>>

Thermoforming maschine for
 semi rigid film VS30 466  >>>>

Pre Cutting Machine
ES 1153 >>>>

Cheese Dividing Maschine
GES 1000 >>>>

Thermoforming maschine for

 semi rigid film VS30 420  >>>>

Thermoforming machine for

flexible film VS20 420  >>>>

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