Cheese Cleaning Machine BMR 1200

For cleaning of round cheese loaves with diameter of approx. 350 - 950 mm


Sequence of operations:

Depending on the nature of the cheese surface different cleaning devices are

available. As standard the machine is equipped with a scraping knife. It is

mainly used for cleaning cheese types with a solid rind like Emmental and



The cheese loaves are kept on the rotary table by means of vacuum produced by

a built-in pump and then put in a rotating movement. The machine is started

by an electric feet-switch.


The speed of the rotary table is adapted to the respective cleaning

diameter by means of a variable change-speed gear in order to obtain the

highest possible cleaning degree at all diameters to be cleaned.

The cleaning time for an Emmentaler loaf is approx. 3 minutes.


Machine execution:

- base frame made of welded stainless steel, material no. 1.4301

- turning table aluminium

- built-in vacuum pump with water separator before vacuum pump 

- variable change-speed gear

- feet adjustable on swinging elements

- ON-OFF feet-switch on the right

- electric mounting ready to operate


Dimensions of the machine:

length: 1.700 mm

width: 750 mm

height: 2.100 mm

working height: approx. 900 mm



- support plates and -rings for different cheese diameters

- scraping arm, designed to connect with a dust exhaust system

- dust exhaust system

- pneumatic cheese turning device



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