Pre Cutting Maschine ES 1153

Max. product dimensions: (width: 960 mm / height: 380 mm) for type HB


In a theoretical continuous feeding section of B = 600 mm

and H = 100 mm and a feed rate of 50 mm (cutting feed under the guillotine)

is the performance of approximately 2.7 to 3 tons / hour .

Upon reaching a higher feed cross-section

(max . B = 850 mm , H = 120 mm ) is also a higher tonnage possible .


Working process:

The pre-cutting machine ES 1153  is a guillotine cutting machine with a

electro-mechanical driven knife (crank mechanism on both sides of the knife).

This machine was especially designed for pre-cutting cheese loaves or cheese

blocks into cheese bars resp. pieces.


The cheese loaves or blocks are place onto the cutting belt conveyor of the

machine manually (min. 100 mm distance between loaves/blocks). The cutting

belt conveyor transports the cheese right in front of the guillotine cutting

knife. There the front side of the cheese is realized by a light barrier and

the machine starts cutting by considering the advance set at the control

panel (width of the bars: 50 to 150 mm).


After the cutting process the divided block is transported out of the machine

step by step while the next block is already cut in pieces. At the end of the

cutting belt conveyor the pieces fall down into a box (box is not included in

this offer) without any separation


As the ES 1153 is a pre-cutting machine the precision of cutting was not

considered to be to important when designing the machine.


Cutting belt conveyor:

For general cleaning resp. for maintenance e.g. changing of the cutting belt,

the hole conveyor system can be pushed out of the machine. For doing this

there needs to be 3 m free space at the discharge side of the machine.


Standard cleaning:

For the standard cleaning procedure the cutting belt can be released by

tipping up a part of the conveyor frame. By doing this the conveyor frame can

be easily cleaned as well.



1) Automatic cutting mode

2) Cleaning mode (knife deactivated, movement of the cutting belt possible

   even when safety doors are open)



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