Cheese Cutting Maschine KMS 450

For cutting of hard and soft cheese in one operation

eighter with knive sets or wire cutters.


Max. cheese loaf diameter: 450 mm


Description of operational sequence:

The operator places the cheese loaf onto the support block of the core

punching unit. The core punching unit is mounted on the left hand side of the

KMS 450 and it is connected to the central lifting unit of the machine.

When the operator starts a working cycle by pressing the two-hand-control

system, the core punching unit and the cutting frame move down together to

the lower rest position. The core punching is equipped with a core knife

which is pushed through the cheese from above. After the core punch, the

cheese loaf is moved from the core punching unit to the support block of the

cutting set. At the same time a new cheese loaf can be placed on the support

block of the core punching unit. By pushing the two hand control system one

loaf is divided into segments and on the other loaf the core is punched out.

After the cutting process the cutting set is in the lower rest position and

the operator removes the cheese segments manually. Meanwhile the operator can

start the movement of the knife set and the core knife into the upper rest

position by pushing the knee-push button.



about 2 working cycles per minute (depending on the working stuff)


technical data:

length: approx. 1,300 mm

width: approx. 735 mm

height.: approx. 1,850 mm

working height: approx. 1,000 mm


Machine configuration:

- base frame welded stainless steel material 1.4301

- Supporting-table cover made of stainless steel material 1.4301

- panels in stainless steel material no. 1.4301

- pedestal adjustable with vibration damper elements

- electric: 3 x 230 / 400, 50 Hz

- according to the CE regulations

- Basic Machine (WITHOUT Core punch unit, WITHOUT Cutting set)


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