Thermoforming maschine for flexible film VS 30 420

With fully automatic operation, for the production of, evacuated packages,

and modified atmosphere packages (MAP), based on:


- thermoformable and heatsealable, rigid bottom web

  film type: PA/PE up to app. 500 µ

  film width: 424 mm (+ 0 mm / - 2 mm)

- heatsealable, flexible top web

  film type: PA/PE up to 100 µm

  film width: 415 mm (+ 2 mm / - 0 mm)



length app. 3.940 mm

height app. 1.760 - 1.860 mm

width  app. 975 mm (with closed control cabinet)


The machine is equipped with:

- programmable logic control system (PLC) with up to 99 programs storable

- pneumatic control system

- pneumatic service unit with manual condensate deposition


- switch cabinet with external, swivel-mounted control

  cabinet, with Touch-Screen Display:

- for the input of all data

- for the display of all data (working cycle, temperatures, vacuum,

  time and speed) and for error diagnosis


- temperature adjustment with threshold value supervision for maximum 2

  control circuits for temperatures of up to app. 180 °C

- emergency STOP


- PLC-integrated counter for working hours and number of cycles

- PLC-languages in German

- foil-keyboard language in German


- machines safety shields in German

- machine documentation 1 x in German

- machine frame made of stainless steel, legs adjustable in height


- covers of the machine frames made of stainless steel, easily to remove

- film transport chain 5/8 " with film clamping devices

  made of stainless steel

- film core for top and bottom film 3 " or 76 mm


- maximum reel diameter for top and bottom film: 380 mm

- top and bottom film infeed, adjustable, with brake, film guidance

  with spring operated swivel device


- built-in forming pump BUSCH R5 RA/63, 63 m³/h

- built-in evacuation pump BUSCH R5 RA/100, 100 m³/h

- HL - evacuation unit (valve block) with standard valves

- forming system with pre-heating and vacuum

- machine adaptation for gas flushing

- pre-heating station closing system (with pneumatic cylinder)


- station closing system (forming and sealing station separated)

  for max. 150 mm product height (with pneumatic cylinder and single


- three-phase current drive with frequency converter for film advance 300 mm,

  graduation 0,1 mm

- The free loading area of the machine will be app. 1,230 mm.

- speed and repeat length change: digitally on the control panel

- safety guards corresponding to CE-standards

- electrical connections: 3 x 230/400 V, 50


1 cross punching unit, with plug and matrix, with pneu-

  matically operated, vertical die-movement, with:

1 basic equipment with pneumatic cylinder and precision guidance      

1 plug and matrix punching die for round corners, R=9 mm, 3-track       

1 longitudinal squeezing unit, with rotating squeezing

  knives and counter rollers, with:

1 drive unit with counter roller shaft support   

1 set of 4 squeezing knives on a mounting plate, with counter roller shaft,
3-track film waste removal system

1 electrically operated rewinder for the lateral strips

1 standard design discharge conveyor belt, drive synchronized with machine,
   length approx. 900 mm with height adjustment via hand wheel      

photo-electric print mark control

1 photo-electric print mark control for register-printed, flexible top web


basic die-set420 * 300 - 150 / 1-track 1-row UP


1 basic die-set with:

- forming chamber:

- without filler plates and standard forming-Insert

- with simplex pre-heating device with concave heating plate

- forming station lid:

- sealing chamber:

- without filler plates

- sealing station lid with regular frame sealing unit

- die-set adaptation for evacuation and gas-flushing through slots

  in the bottom web


Format die-set 420 * 300 - 150 /  3 - tracks 2 - rows UP

acc. to die-set drawing


1 format die-set with:

- filler plates for the forming chamber

- 1 Standard forming insert for flexible films, depth adjustable

- 1 divider insert for the forming chamber with filler plates


Package support:

1 set of package support rails, 3 - tracks



Frame Sealing

1 frame sealing 6x cavity add. to  die set - EUR 1.500,00



1 die-set adaptation for Peel-Off corner - EUR 2.700,00


- new -


Theoretical packaging machine output:

Theoretical packaging machine output (Q_est) according to DIN 8743 will be,

using the above mentioned pump and machine, app. 6,5 - 7 cycles/min.


This specification is valid with an end-vacuum of app. 10 mbar, without



If the end vacuum can be reached, finally depends on the consistency of the

packed product and the applied packaging films. For example, the products

oxygen content, humidity and temperature and the films thickness.

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