Thermoforming maschine for semi rigid film VS 30 466

Set up for rigid film

Basic machine consisting of:

Machine frame
Frame length 3,940 mm
High app. 1760-1860 mm
Width app. 975 mm wide, with closed control cabinet

Frame Nominal Width: 466 mm
Useful web width (evacuation downwards): 427 mm
Loading area approximately 800 mm with TL 215

Width top web film (evacuation downwards): 466 +1 / -1 mm
Width bottom web film (semi-rigid): 470 +0 / -2 mm
Total length of the machine: approx 4,015 mm
max. molde depth: 50 mm

Protective devices with magnetic switches, and locking slide in the forming station
Protective devices with magnetic switches, and locking slide in the sealing station

Protective devices cutting with magnetic switches
Protective cover, packaging discharge in stainless steel

- Machine body made of stainless steel, height adjustable feet
- Side panels made of stainless steel, easily removable
- Silm transport chain 5/8 "with film clamping devices made of stainless steel
  (Version: Hajek)

- Film core for top and bottom flim 3” or 76 mm
- Maximum roll diameter of the top and bottom film: 380 mm
- Top film infeed  adjustable, with brake, flim guidance with spring operated
- Botton film infeed  adjustable, with pneumatic brake, film guidance with 

  pneumatic operated cylinder

Lifting  station forming, 20kN, opening width 75 mm lift
Lifting  station sealing, 20kN, opening width 75 mm lift

Feed system via frequency-controlled gear motor


Maintenance unit R 3/4 "
Safety valve

Valve block for forming station
Valve block for sealing station
Seal valve with pressure regulator

Forming system preheating, heating and molding with compressed air and vacuum
Evacuation for edge extraction

Gas flushing, standard (for mixed gas, O2 content <21%),

Voltage 400 V, frequency 50 Hz, 3 phase (s), with neutral
Switch control cabinet  with operator terminal with:
- Programmable logic controller (PLC) with memory for up to 99 Programs
- Foil keyboard for entering all data
- Display of all data and for error diagnosis
- Temperature adjustment with threshold valve supervision for max. 2 control circuits
- Emergency stop

- Integrated electronic vacuum measurement and control apparatus comprising:
- Digitally adjustable to the foil keyboard switch points for vacuum

  and inert gas, parameter in product programs can be stored

- Pressure indicator on the LCD panel
- PLC integrated counter for working hours and number of cycles
- PLC languages ​​in German and English
- Keyboard language in German

Basic tool
Number of tracks: 1
Number of Rows: 1

Package Specification:
Package size: 427 x 215 mm
Form dimension: 412 x 197 mm
Package depth, max.: 50 mm

Corner radius 4 x R 20 mm

Tools / Accessories
forming top part
pre-heating top part for bottom pre-heating, without  heating above the mold cavity

Forming bottom part

Forming bottom part including pre-heating plate to carry deep draw plates


Sealing bottom part

Sealing basic plate to carry sealing grid

Basic die set can´t produce packs

Product support rails loading area

Product support rails cutting and outfeed area

1 built-form pump BUSCH R5 RC / 63, 63 m³ / h
1 built-in evacuation pump BUSCH R5 RA / 100, 100 m³ / h

1 cross-punching device for semi rigid bottom web film,
1 section set for round corners, R = 20 mm, 2-track

1 Longitudinal cutting unit, with rotating slitter knives
1 Set of 3 circular knives, 2-tracks

Film waste removal system
1 electrically driven rest stripe rewinder
Package discharge system
1 Standard discharge chute, length 210 mm
1 Height adjustment
Photo-electric print mark control
1 Print mark photocell control for register-printed top web film

coding device

1 coding system for printing alphanumerical information (dates, lot numbers, etc.) on the top film of the packages, before sealing.

The coding device is setup of 2 coders, each with a coding area of app. 50 x 50 mm.

This These coding device s are mounted on 1 mounting frame s.

This These mounting frame is mounted on the machines control cabinet.

The coding system is equipped with:

1 mounting frames

2 coders with a standard coding area of 50 x 50 mm

50 print cartridges, 50 x 50 mm, dark blue or black

2 type sets, 3 or 4 mm high, 0 - 9, type style 2

2 type sets, 3 or 4 mm high, A - Z, type style 2

Vario die Set 1

Number of lanes: 2
Number of rows: 1

Package Specification:
Package Size: 213.5 x 215 mm
Form dimension: 198.5 x 197 mm
Package depth, max.: 50 mm
Corner radius 4 x R 20 mm
Vario 1 die / options
1 mold plate, 2-lanes / 1-row
Mold depth: 40 mm
2 mold inserts for rigid  film, height adjustable 20 - 40 mm,
Width: 198.5 mm x Length: 197 mm
filler plates for, depth 40 mm

1 Easy mounted sealing  frame
Frame seal 5 mm. with flat seal surface
Peel-Off Corner R-20, trailing left

Sealing grid
with sealing gasket 70 Shore

Including 4x spare sealing gaskets

Package support

1 Set of package support rails, 2-track


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