Curiosity has always been the best incentive for inventions.

A supenor qualily of machines and lines, reatized in close co-operation with customers, has been the key to success of our company since 1967.


An ambitious dream in the beginning was followed by a determined realisation, the foundation of the company in 1967.

The success, after having started in a rented shop with 5 staff members, enabled the owner and managing director Mr. Heinrich Hajek to develop an own program of cheese processing machines besides the fabrication of vendor parts.


In 1974, the company moved to its new site where it is still located.

In 1983 the economic success with increasingly automated products made it possible to purchase

the know-how and the production of thermoform packaging machines for food, non-food

and pharmaceutical products from company Hämmerle.

In 2014 the Hajek Maschinenbau GmbH was founded with new management by Oliver Hajek.


Customers from all over the world, representing companies of every type and size, supply the needed feedback for innovations and creating advantages for our customers. The realization of these into high quality, partly customized solutions is done by a team of well trained and highly qualified employees.

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