VS 20 Vakuum packaging machine

Extremely compact.

How great small is able to be. The compact vacuum packaging machine VS 20 plays all parts. Although requirin little space, it offers the whole functionality of big packaging machines and fulfils most different tasks with the usual high performance, precision and hygiene standard of all Hajek machines.

Well packed
Frame sealing or full surface sealing, vacuum packages, MAP, skin or closure packages - the VS 20 is able to produce packages like big packaging machines do. Moreover you can carry out different kinds of cuttings and punchings.

Pure flexibility
Whether you have to pack products of the food or non-food area, the VS 20 disposes of the same flexibility you do. Manifold dies are available to you with a view to package length, mould depth and package shape. A further advantage is offered by the small machine dimension with mobile wheels for an easy handling. The machine can be supplied optionally with an own compressor. By using an accessory printing or coding device, a further information can be added on your packages, f.ex. a promotion text, the best-before date, the price or a bar code.

Known advantages
The execution in stainless steel and the smooth machine surfaces - the VS 20 is suited for operation in the humid environment - are the guarantee for an easy, hygienic cleaning. All mobile parts are maintenance-free.

Technical Data

Packaging material:

Film width:

Film core:

Draw-off length:

Package size:

Loading area:

Max. drawing depth:

Vacuum pump:

Electrical connection:
Connected load:
Compressed air:
Cooling water needs:



flexible films

320 mm/355 mm/420 mm

76 mm/3"

240 mm/300 mm

298 mm/333 mm/398x300 mm

approx. 500 mm

65 mm/100 mm/ 150 mm

63 cubic metre/hour

3x230/400 V, or. 3x220 V, 50-60 Hz

5-8  KW, depending on the equipment


6 bar

approx. 3l/min

approx. 450 kg, without die-set and options



semi-rigid/rigid films


152 mm/6"

150 mm (with pre-heating)




on request


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