VS 30 Vakuum packaging machine

All-round convincing.

How simple and clean food packaging can be is proved by the new vacuum packaging machine VS 30. The compact, matured machine design as well as the execution in stainless steel are the guarantee for an easy, hygienic cleaning. A perfect price/performance ratio and the small machine length of 3 meters are further arguments in favour of the VS 30.

Simple operation
The machine is very easy to operate by means of an operating panel with clearly redable display and an easy-cleaning touchpad.

Considerable savings
The consumption of compressed air, electric current and cooling water has been considerably reduced by use of modern control facilities. An accessory ECO package provides for energy savings of up to 30%.

Low space requirements
The well-known, space saving machine concept offers additional space with a small machine length of 3 meters only. Consequently, the VS 30 is not a whasoever packaging machine, but the response to the increased requirements of the food industry.

  • Due to its easy operation,
  • the low consumption of energy and film material and
  • its hygienic execution in stainless steel,

the VH-30 is a high-quality product which complies with your manifold packaging requirements.

The machine has been designed and realized in accordance with the directives and hygiene requirements for food processing machines (EC mechanical engineering directives). Cleaning with disinfecting foam and unpressurized clean water has also been considered. 

Technical Data

Packaging material:

Film width:

Film core:

Draw-off length:

Max. Package size:


Loading area:

Max. drawing depth:

Vacuum pump:

Electrical connection:
Connected load:
Compressed air:
Cooling water needs:



flexible films

285 mm/320 mm/355/420 mm

76 mm/3"

up to 300 mm

263 mm/298 mm/333 mm/ 398x300 mm

approx. 850 mm

up to 150 mm

100 cubic metre/hour

3x230/400 V, or. 3x220 V, 50-60 Hz

5-8  KW, depending on the equipment


6 bar

approx. 3l/min

approx. 650 kg, without die-set and options



semi-rigid/rigid films


152 mm/6"

up to 400 mm

263 mm/298 mm/333 mm/ 398x400 mm

larger length on request


on request


Hajek Maschinenbau GmbH

Grafenweg 21  I  6971 Hard, Austria

T +43 5574 73565-0


Hajek Maschinenbau GmbH

Grafenweg 21

6971 Hard, Austria

T +43 5574 73565-0