Cheese-cleaning machine BMR 1200

Hajek Cheese-cleaning machine BMR 1200

Real delight comes not for nothing. Particularly if we speak about such dainty things like cheese. lt requires quite a lot of effort to make a loat of Emmental, Gruyère or Appenzell cheese swell up to its best form. The cheese cleaning machine BMR 1200 will assist you efficiently to reach this and help you to put your

finishing touch to the cheese surface. >>>>

Automatic cube-cutting machine MS 192

Hajek Automatic cube-cutting machine MS 192

Especially developed to pre-cut cheese into cubes for the production of grated cheese. All kinds of solid cheese can be processed (except very hard types, such as parmesan). Automatic loading is possible by adding an infeed conveyor belt. >>>>

Shredding machine Turbo

Hajek Shredding machine Turbo

The Turbo Shredding Machine is for grating of medium-hard and extra-hard cheese e.g. Parmesan, old Gouda, Swiss-cheese, Comté, Gruyère or Mozzarella. The machine has stood the test of the toughworking conditions in this special field and it meets the exacting hygiene requirements of the cheese processing industry. >>>>

Cheese dividing machine KMS 450

Hajek Cheese dividing machine KMS 450

Cutting hard and soft cheese in one operation with set of knives or wire cutters into segments or rectangular pieces. >>>>

Cheese dividing machine MS 120

Hajek Cheese dividing machine MS 120

The MS 120 was conceived as an enlargement of the range of dividing hard cheese and cut cheese. It was developed especially to split als cheese kinds with 0 up to 650 mm in segments. >>>>

Cheese dividing machine GES 1000

This new machine generation has been worked out in accordance with optimum sanitary and cleaning properties as well as safety standards exceeding the European standards by far. >>>>

Automatic cheese cutting machine ES 135

Hajek Automatic cheese cutting machine ES 135

The new machine generation by HAJEK, designed for cutting of round and square cheese loaves into strips, complies with the lates hygiene and safety requirements as per ISO 9001 and CE. Great efforts were made with regard to an easy control and operation. The setting of the cutting data, f.ex., is based on most simple, logical criteria. >>>>

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