GES 1000 Cheese dividing machine

This new machine generation has been worked out in accordance with optimum sanitary and cleaning properties as well as safety standards exceeding the European standards by far.

Due to the flexibility prevailing in our company and also shown by this new machine design we are at any time able to consider your specific demands. Especially by use of the freely programmable electric control combined with the easy machine operation and the high cutting precision and maximum capacity, this machine becomes an ideal allround machine.

Standard execution of the machine
The GES 1000 disposes of a manually rotated turntable. This offers the possibility to cut cheese loaves and rings in segmental portions of 4 - 88 pieces as well as cheese loaves and bars in sticks with freely selectable stick width. In a further processing step the cheese sticks can be split in portions by the same machine.

A swinging product holder increases the easy maintenance and cleaning of the machine.

Special equipment of the machine
  • an electrically driven turntable replaces the manual rotation during cutting of segmental portions
  • the Optimat program allowing by input of a tolerance value of the stick width an optimum utilization of cheese pieces of different dimensions.

In the GES 1000 too we have invested our experience of many years and the latest trends in a most innovative way.

Technical data



Working height:

Overall height:

Electrical connection:

Connected load:

Max. cheese width:

Max. cheese height:

Strip width:

Technical modifications reserved


2800 mm

1500 mm

850 mm

1900 mm

3x230/400 V, or 3x220 V, 50-60 Hz

approx. 4 kW

980 mm

285 mm

10-900 mm


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