KMS 450 Cheese dividing machine

Cutting hard and soft cheese in one operation with set of knives or wire cutters into segments or rectangular pieces.

Description of operational sequence
One operator places cheese onto table, presses the electric push buttons (two handed control). The set of knives cut through the cheese. The cutted pieces are removed manually and by pressing the knee button the set of knives moves automatically to the starting point. Working cycles: approx. 3/min.

Special design
  • Conveyor belt
    Reverse cutting procedure: The cheese is placed one set of knives and the descending support block presses the cheese through the knives onto the conveyor belt.
    Operational sequence: 4-5/min
  • Mounted core puncher
    For punching out the middle core. The core knife is changeable. The core size is according to the number of portions. Advantage: in one operational sequence simultaneous punching and cutting is possible.

Constructions characteristics Simple design, electromechanical spindle drive, grinded guide shafts, oversized bearing and welded tubular frame guarantee long service life and minimum maintenance. Set of knives are usually assembled with easily replacement stainless steel individual knives; patented set of cutters for segments. Electrical installation ready for connection.

Technical data



Total height:

Electrical connection:

Connected load:

Technical modifications reserved


840 mm

740 mm

1400 mm

3x230/400 V, or 3x220 V, 50-60 Hz

min. 2,5 kW, depending on equipment


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