MS 192 Automatic cube-cutting machine


Especially developed to pre-cut cheese into cubes for the production of grated cheese. All kinds of solid cheese can be processed (except very hard types, such as parmesan). Automatic loading is possible by adding an infeed conveyor belt.


Working method

The cheese is fed by a conveyor belt into the machine, cut into cubes and ejected downwards. The cubes can be removed in containers or by an out-feed-conveyor. The output amounts to max. 1500 kg/h and depends on the loading system, the frequency and the size of the cubes. The frequency

can be changed as required.



Distinct technical layout; pneumatic drive and electropneumatic control; change or cube size by changing set of knives. Each knife can be changed individually. Welded tubular frame, stainless steel. Cutter-case in anodized aluminium panels. All other parts are made of stainless steel, aluminium or high-grade anticorrosive protected, plastics approved for alimentary use. Supplied ready for installation.

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